Our merino comes from very happy sheep

Smalls only source wool certified by ZQ Merino,  ensuring the wool you are wearing from us is traced right through from farm to shop floor.  This upholds Smalls values of animal welfare and sustainability. ZQ ensures the Five Freedoms are met.  Sustainability is at the heart of everything, that is why we only work with ZQ certified Merino. Our sheep graze roaming free in the breathtakingly beautiful, rugged Southern Alps of New Zealand and thrive in a clean, green unpolluted environment. 

We sent our friends at ZQ visit one of our beautiful farms in New Zealand.

"The Jones Family were so generous with their time, we feel a special connection to them now, having chatted over FaceTime, its an amazing thing to have such a connection to our product and our homeland" - EJ Smalls

We look forward to sharing their story with you on our blog soon.


Smalls have improved traceability and supply chain even further by choosing an even finer ZQ fabric made at an Italian Mill that has a complete vertical supply chain, the only mill on the world to gain EMAS certification for environmental practices, meaning Smalls can identify the collective of farms involved in every roll of fabric used and the resulting carbon footprint is very low.

SMALLS MERINO WOOL HAS MINIMAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Not to be yarn yawns, unlike recycled plastic or wood/bamboo pulp, wool requires minimal intervention to become beautifully soft fabric.  The processes other recycled and pulp based fibres go through can wreak havoc on surrounding environments, and waterways. Smalls Merino goes one step further to ensure environmental impact is minimal, our Italian mill has a unique process to ensure the water is in better condition when it leaves the plant than when it goes in!

HAPPY SEALIFE. No wool fibres have been found in our oceans nor any traces associated with production.